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22 days. Counting down.

September 28, 2010

22 days more to a gastronomical affair in melbourne! This time, the anticipation is killing me.

I guess the mundane work life is really just getting on my nerves, coupled with silly job tasks that i can’t understand if anything makes sense at all. It is really regression, and everything is like a standstill for me. It seems to me that there lies a time bomb inside me every working day – it will go off i promise.

But, hey what the heck. All I’m gonna do is to look forward to checking out some real cool places…

Of course, I’m also excited that I’ll be able to share my gastro-experience online!

… 22 days and counting …

Till then!


Down Memory Lane

September 4, 2010

The date to Melbourne has been set. This October it is down memory lane. The familiarity … the cold wind during spring time … much anticipated cuppa skinny latte! 

Stay tune upcoming in october.

breathtaking ubud.

July 2, 2010

The recent trip to bali was mainly to unwind.

It was pure madness at work, and this is a much needed break to gain my sanity. Found Chapung from the endless nights of surfing for the perfect loft to chill and basically do nothing, except – Eat, swim, drink and swim and sleep. We didn’t know where exactly is Chapung in Ubud, the only thing that describes the location : 10mins away from ubud.

But we kinda of enjoy the suspense, it was through some really narrow path, uphill and a short drive across a paddy field. Wonderful. The reception given to us was excellent. Warmth, sincere and genuine.True Balinese style.

The design of our 2-bedroom villa is very much contemporary, and I must say more Scandinavian design, with clean lines from the chairs to the table top, the dreamy bed with an outdoor shower. It was raining non-stop the night we first arrived, while waiting for our tea, i can’t help but a sense of serenity hits me. Sound of the rain, weird insects making noises in the night, this is pure music.

I shall not post more, and I’m trying to save more for my next trip. Let the pictures do the talking

The 2nd trip to ubud. And yet another beckons.

quick and dirty getaway.

April 29, 2010

This weekend is a quick fix for my own sanity. Well, there is nothing much to do in Kuala Lumpur, except good food, great friends and a great deal of booze. Till then… Salute!

Old World Charm – Hyatt, Saigon

April 29, 2010

Buzzing bicycle rings, blaring horns from vehicles… non-stop traffic. That’s the first thing you see when you touched down and take that first ride in a cab to the hotel. I was a little apprehensive about 5 Star hotels in S.E asia because many a times a 4-5 star hotel can turn out to be 3 star… either that they are pretty worn out.

But hyatt saigon has the WOW factor when i first entered the lobby. Amazingly charming woody furniture, with dark leather seats at the lobby… contemporary, yet with a tinge of old world charm. The room is really spacious, and immaculately furnished. Everything seems new, well-maintained and the bathroom is well-cleaned! (that’s the first thing i checked before i decide to have my bubble bath).

The lobby bar is fantastic with a wide range of cocktails to sip and enjoy the rustic charm of the city.

Of course, without Pho in Saigon, com tam (pork chop rice),  sipping local coffee at the road side and not forgetting Whisky … we are certainly not blending in with the locals! Saigon is a photographer’s paradise, from the street side scenes to the country side … gorgeous. I just hope that the country will still keep a piece of the old. Just like how i love Melbourne, where Old world meets New World!

Troi Oi.

Mystical Alila Ubud

March 7, 2010

The search for accomodation in Bali was indeed tumultous. It took at least 4hrs x 1week of searching on the net, clicking reviews and matching the hotels with the areas in Bali. From Seminyak, to Nusa Dua, Uluwatu to Ubud. Finally, we landed ourselves with Alila Ubud. The main draw is the award winning swimming pool, the rice terraces … and away from the crowd.

We landed in Bali and was immediately greeted warmly by the hotel staff at the airport. We were given an ice cold towel each to freshen up as we be heading to the hotel (which will take about 50mins). Wonderful reception right from the start! And obviously, when we were sold immediately to what Alila can do.

But Alila gave us something much more than we can imagine… as we drove past Ubud centre, and turning into Alila, one will expect the hotel to have the usual drive way to the hotel lobby.

Instead, it was a 5 mins drive past a narrow track, flanked by lovely trees and rice paddy fields on both sides… it was well hidden and no one will expect there will be a hotel at the end of this road!

The service was great. Warm, genuine and sincere…

Even though this property has been around for awhile, the furniture is slightly old. But because the hotel maintained the hotel pretty well… in fact it seems like the whole place blends into the environment…

Something very bali and charming about this place. Mystical is the word here.

It’s not like the usual contemporary, modern, chic hotel like Alila’s recent properties… It is tranquil and secluded, blending traditional Balinese architecture and heritage. Somehow, it brings a fair bit of Bali to you.

The deluxe room we stayed in overlooks the green terraces with a private balcony. Lush greenery, sound of nature…. and occasionally you hear water sound from Ayung river.

Only draw back – no TV and any form of entertainment in the room. Well, guess the whole idea is to get away right… 🙂 Hmm, 4 days without TV … a little strange though.

Vodoxus > no travelling tunes for me in Bali this time round. It was a “back to nature” trip – only sounds of the forest, unique noises of Creepy crawlies… and birds chirping!

Twin Palms Phuket

March 1, 2010

11 More days before a nice quick getaway to Phuket. It’s been eons since I’ve been back, so stay tuned for quick review of the family orientated Twin Palms Club Phuket!

*rummaging for travel tunes*

<Twin Palms>