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breathtaking ubud.

July 2, 2010

The recent trip to bali was mainly to unwind.

It was pure madness at work, and this is a much needed break to gain my sanity. Found Chapung from the endless nights of surfing for the perfect loft to chill and basically do nothing, except – Eat, swim, drink and swim and sleep. We didn’t know where exactly is Chapung in Ubud, the only thing that describes the location : 10mins away from ubud.

But we kinda of enjoy the suspense, it was through some really narrow path, uphill and a short drive across a paddy field. Wonderful. The reception given to us was excellent. Warmth, sincere and genuine.True Balinese style.

The design of our 2-bedroom villa is very much contemporary, and I must say more Scandinavian design, with clean lines from the chairs to the table top, the dreamy bed with an outdoor shower. It was raining non-stop the night we first arrived, while waiting for our tea, i can’t help but a sense of serenity hits me. Sound of the rain, weird insects making noises in the night, this is pure music.

I shall not post more, and I’m trying to save more for my next trip. Let the pictures do the talking

The 2nd trip to ubud. And yet another beckons.

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