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Quay side story

January 19, 2010

For the past few months, I’ve been yearning to visit my pal, whom though we only converse with very little english… but she’s great. We understand each other. Hit it off with her instantly…And this year, I’ll definitely be back to Khmer land – Phnom Penh to pay her a visit and her famous duck noodles….

FCC has always been the hotel of choice for me. But unfortunately during that time, I couldn’t get any room at FCC. Instead, i went over to Quay hotel – which is along the same stretch on Sisowath quay.

It is really well designed, carbon friendly… but slightly too modern to blend into the Khmer environment. The country just ended their war sometime in 1999, the economy is progressing … yet, there looms some kind of sadness, slightly depressive. Even though there is no shopping, no big malls… there is certain charm about this country. Maybe it’s the people that i met along the way, or it could be the simple life that most of us miss sometimes…

But hey, I’m not complaining too much of the room design, cos I love those ergonomic chairs and fans in the room, the bathroom is awesome… cos it’s huge and seems a little decadent too. And not forgetting the balcony overlooks Tonle Sap…lovely!

Facilities in the hotel> there is a chill out lounge and restaurant as you enter the hotel, a nice rooftop … but pity there isn’t a big pool to laze around …

This March/April … i will visit my pal and of course, part of the excitement is to stay at the quay again. Can’t wait.

And > vodoxus you’re absolute right about travelling tunes… as i typed …I’m listening to coldplay’s “Trouble” … which is what i was listening during that time in phnom penh.


Travelling Tunes

January 16, 2010

Like most people, I’m constantly on the move. Home to work to town to friends…. and hopefully to a holiday! And like most people again, music is constantly being played throughout that move. On headphones, in the car, from the iPhone, from the Radio…

BUT, unlike most people, I have this strange habit, of classifying my songs into times they should be listened to while moving! Basically, no matter how I am travelling or wherever too, I will have a setlist or playlist ready to run. Yes, psychotic I know, but it brings a big big smile to my face when your staring out the window and the scenery is whizzing past, and you have the perfect tune belting out into the ears.

Racing down the Californian Highway with Foo Fighters on the decks, blasting down Indonesian seas with Oceanlab or totally by chance, Kangaroo Island with Radiohead playing Live on the radio in the dark of night. A lot of my memories are associated with travelling tunes.

This Feb, it’s off to Phuket, so stay tuned for a look at the Twin Palms Club, on the Eastern side of the island. For this trip, Kings of Convenience looks like they might rule the playlist 🙂 Time will tell, so check back soon!

And before you go on your next trip. Make sure you’ve got your playlist ready. If not, be like me and have all your tunes on hand! It makes for a speedy destination. Sometimes too short 🙂

my first squeak.

January 13, 2010

Once again, Salthouse, and slowly Metung beckons. Many people around me wonder why do I always make my annual pilgrimage to Melbourne. It’s something that i can’t really explain through words, but just hope through my rantings, maybe some other folks out there will experience it too.

Both the one-bedroom apartment in both Salthouse and Metung – hands down!

Metung’s Bancroft Bay Apartment

Been racking my brains where should i venture next, where can i get to chill out in a little apartment, away from the noise; something different from the usual. Possibly, off the beaten track. Voila! Fell in love after checking out this cosy place near Lake King.

This is the newest luxury apartment with a private rooftop, and balcony as well as a BBQ area overlooking Lake King and Bancroft Bay.What is unique about this apartment – it has a jetty berth available for you! Yup, rental of boats here is relatively easy. Imagine, take the boat out, do some fishing, moor the boat, walk back to the apartment… :o)

The living area is contemporary, yet cosy. Perfect to just wind down, prepare your favourite meal, while over looking the lake … of course, sip some local wine …. enjoy the sunset … while you bring the minestrone soup to boil ….

There were only 2 of us and honestly the apartment is great for 4-5. There is a private rooftop balcony where you can organise an aussie style bbq with fat-laden beef burgers, sausages! yummy!

till the next trip up…